The Importance of Well Designed Website

I’m sitting here pretending to look at your website. It strikes me that your business may have outgrown your online image, and it’s time for an upgrade.

As a longtime graphic designer, I have created award-winning sites that transformed business for a number of companies. There’s a big difference in sites that are adequate and sites that shine.

As a Creative Director at EBSCO for 10 years, I routinely worked with forward-thinking companies to rev up their communication and drive more sales. Now, with my own company, I am free to do state-of-the-art work that captures the attention of your customers, and better yet, your potential customers. One of my clients recently experienced a 30% increase in orders as a direct result of my work.

My interactive websites are well-planned, dynamic, and easily integrated with your online marketing strategy. Please take a look at some of my recent work here: My Site Designs

Working across all industries, I can provide for websites, ecommerce capabilities, blogs, and other business needs. And if you need an attentive webhost or SEO monitor, I can do that, too.